Monthly Archives: February 2013

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Snow Day

We’re getting snowed in. As a kid, like every kid in the world, I loved snow days. Well, not all of it. I didn’t like that bulky snow suit, even if it did keep my legs warm and dry. I didn’t like all the extra work we had to do in school to make up […]

You've Got the Right Stuff

“It’s not yours!  Why would I take your shirt?!”  I hollered on the verge of tears. “Well then, where’s mine, huh?”  Doria, my neighbor, crossed her arms and leaned her round, cherry-toned face into mine so I could see the flecks of dirt on her eyelashes.  She smelled like the tangy Fruit Stripes gum she […]

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  I was a cat person before we got Duke. But he’s so smart, sweet, silly and snuggly, he’d win over even the biggest cynophob. What I’m saying is, get used to seeing that face. PS – I still love cats.