Novel In a Day 2014

Novel In a Day 2014

Last weekend, I took part in the annual Novel in a Day writing event, hosted by Literature & Latte.  I didn’t actually write an entire novel in a day, that would probably be impossible.  At least for me.  No, NaiD is much more interesting than that.

Along with 24 other writers, I received an outline for one chapter in a novel.  I got bare bones character sheets for the characters I needed to include.  I got a basic setting sheet for the locations.  That’s it.  I had less than 24-hours to write the chapter.

It seems like a lot, but it’s really not.  I had to guess how the character would react in the situations.  I couldn’t describe the setting in too much detail in case it clashed with what someone else wrote.  Do I need to introduce the side characters by first and last name, or would other writers introduce them?

When I received my chapter assignment, I had no idea what to expect – not even the genre I was supposed to be writing.  As I read my brief, I realized the book was a spy mystery set in London.  Not my genre or my country.

But the more time I spent playing around with my outline the main character, the more comfortable I became.  It didn’t matter that the book was a genre I wasn’t familiar with.  I had a character, I had her start and end points, I knew where I had to take her.  I just had to keep pushing her forward.

It was a fun experiment and I’ll definitely do it again next year!

Read Section 7 (NaiD 2014) 

My chapter is sixteen, but I definitely recommend reading the whole exciting book!